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Orlando Day Trip: St. Augustine

Visit St. Augustine - Less Than 2 Hours From Orlando!

While I love Orlando and everything it has to offer, I just spent the weekend in St. Augustine with my family!  My parents drove down from Michigan and we had a wonderful time.  In fact, we go to St. Augustine every Spring Break. We stay at the Bryn Mawr Ocean Front Campground and enjoy the sand, surf, sun, farmer’s markets, history, shops, and so much more.

Did you know that St. Augustine is less than 2 hours from Orlando?  That’s a day trip or a great weekend away!  One thing you MUST do when you visit St. Augustine is head downtown.  Make sure to go early though, because most of the shops close between 5 and 6pm.  There are a ton of shops and restaurants that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Visit St. Augustine - Less Than 2 Hours From Orlando!

Personally, I have to stop and buy a pair of sandals, some jewelry, and eat Gelato every year.  It just wouldn’t be complete without those stops 🙂

You will find shops on the main street, as well as in small “malls.”  There are tourist finds, local finds, and items that are totally unique!

Visit St. Augustine - Less Than 2 Hours From Orlando!

There are my kiddos window shopping 🙂  My daughter is still finishing her slushie too!  The side “malls” are nice to duck into if it’s hot outside and you need a break from the beautiful Florida Sunshine.

Even if shopping isn’t your thing, the history that you will find in St. Augustine is absolutely amazing.  Did you know that it is the OLDEST city?  In fact, make sure to take a tour of the Oldest School House while you are there too 🙂

Visit St. Augustine - Less Than 2 Hours From Orlando

The School House is a quick tour and again, the history is so amazing.  The size of the school house is smaller most of the houses people live in today – let alone the size of a school!

Have you been to St. Augustine?  What are your favorite parts?  I have a bunch, so maybe I will have to share another post on St. Augustine here soon 🙂

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