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Orlando Sunsets: What I love about Florida v.1

You can ask anyone and they will tell you that the colors of an Orlando sunset are magical, photograph-worthy, and absolutely inspiring. The setting of the bright sun commemorates the completion of a day full of moments and memories.


Because of air quality and high-density urban living while overseas in India and Singapore, I haven’t seen many sunsets in the past four years. Moving to Orlando this summer prompted the reawakening of my appreciation of nature and the simple way it provides an avenue to measure time. I have been completely awed by the way an Orlando sky can transform in a matter of minutes from the wardrobe it wears by day.

I begin each day with streaks of bright color invading the deep blue-black sky as I drink my morning coffee, before the littles are awake for school. I mentally click through my to-do list, pull out the new recipe I’m excited to try and do a quick scan of my email while daydreaming about how amazing the day will be. Before too long, however, the reality of fussy kids and not enough sleep meet the blinding, bright blue sky and we hit the ground running at high speed.


Many nights by the time sunset rolls around, my family is coming off of schedules that were too full and plans that went wrong. On those days evening highlights include missed homework assignments, lost sports jerseys and most recently, a fender bender from the newest driver in our family.

But none of that stops an Orlando sunset. It signals the end of the day with its signature bright orange, shocking yellow, deep reds and brilliant purple. The morning sunrise may provide a new opportunity, but I think the sunset also deserves a more positive spin.

A couple of times a week, I’m going to make a habit of sitting on my lanai to watch the sun set. Whether it’s deemed a do-over day (repeat the awesome-ness), or a train wreck, it doesn’t really matter. The key is to seize the moment to reflect on the gift of time with my family.


Sunsets spread a ridiculous palette of hues across the sky and signify the close of one small but meaningful piece of our lives: a single, momentous day. I’ve been reminded of this since arriving in Orlando and I’m thankful for the gentle nudge. I now feel a push to get my camera out on a daily basis, to capture the real beauty that this place holds.

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