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Are you a DIY-er? Check out the Maker Faire!

Is your kid fascinated with how things are made? Does he or she create elaborate Lego displays that surprise the heck out of you? Take him to this weekend’s Maker Faire at the Orlando Science Center. The annual event is a rare chance to see how art, crafts, science and the Pinterest-powered DIY movement intersect—a little bit county fair meets science exhibit. Can’t-miss displays include a human-powered snow cone machine, a giant marionette, and a robotic band. Lego lovers can explore LEGO exhibits and robotics while older kids will dig things like T-shirt screen-printing. Who knows? Maybe the event will inspire your little one to become the next Albert Einstein—or at least join the science club.


The Maker Faire is around for one day only, so make a move to the Science Center on October 5th.

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